Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Olahraga : Kaka best Brazilian player in Europe in 2008.

At an meeting in the heart of AC Milan's training centre, with an available, simple and top class player. We are pleased to announce that the inaugural Samba Gold trophy has been delivered in person to the winner Kaká, along with the title of the best Brazilian player in Europe in 2008.

In a few words, Kaká evokes joy to open the record of our Samba d'Or, the importance of religion in his life, his desire to be present at the next World Cup in 2010 in order to win another world title.

- What do you think of Samba Gold?
- The idea is very good for relations between Brazil and Europe. It is a mix between the joy of Brazilian football and the side tactics, technique and discipline of European football. The fact that this award comes from a famous artist, famous, in fact, a significant price. I am very happy to have won for its first year. It is a great honor.

- The voters have entrusted with you to the be the perfect example of a Brazilian in Europe...
- Brazilian football is today an example. The whole world follows football, the sport is seen across the globe. People love football, players have a responsibility to be a great example, to pass good values, thats what I try to do on the ground and through football.

- You often put forward your religion ...
- I am evangelical. I grew up with that, my parents taught me these values. Thereafter, I learned everything that can transmit to people through Biblical values, the values of Jesus. To me it is a great joy and pride to show what God has done in my life. I hope in the lives of everyone, I can also do in the lives of others.

- How do you see the 2010 World Cup?
- Brazil play to win. All competitions that we play in, it is always to win. At the next World Cup it will be the same, there will be waiting even though it will be complicated. We must break that Brazil being, I too would do everything to try to be
present to pick up a new world title.

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Ir. hydir said...

Memang Kaka pemain yang menarik...
harap2 dia boleh membantu AC Milan juara UEFA Cup


Peace Maker said...

He's the best...friend