Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Manchester United Veteran Ryan Giggs Backed For Knighthood

Salford-based government minister Hazel Blears has joined forces with Opposition Conservative spokesman Chris Grayling to back the recently launched petition to knight "the outstanding British footballer of the last generation", Ryan Giggs.

Blears, whose constituency is situated near Manchester United's home of Old Trafford, spoke highly of the veteran midfielder.

"Ryan Giggs, as well as an outstanding record on the pitch, has a proud record of voluntary work off the pitch, including with young players in Salford," began the minister.

"He is a positive role model in so many ways that he deserves the recognition of a knighthood."

The internet petition, launched from mustbered.com, has listed 11 reasons that would justify the knighting of 35-year-old Giggs.

Chris Grayling, Conservative spokesman and self-confessed Red Devil, has used his own political reputation to add weight to the claims that Giggs should be rewarded for his outstanding achievements.

"His achievements deserve to be recognised with a knighthood," concluded Grayling

source : http://goal.com

3 komentar:

tukang said...

fenomenal left wing forward..like me

Humor said...

The best veteran of Manu....Ryan giggs

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